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Meet Ray from The Arcade Archives

In a few of our recent recording sessions, the Geeks were joined by Ray (a.k.a. "Raygunn") from The Arcade Archives. We recorded a special "Meet Ray" podcast segment if you'd like to hear about his involvement with the industry and Geek culture over the years.

Ray a.k.a Raygunn
Say "Hello" to Ray

Ray has been involved with the arcade industry since the early 80s, attending, repairing and eventually building custom arcade rigs. He currently works as an arcade technician at Disney World and runs a business building custom arcade cabinets and programming game rigs. Ray is also involved with a website and co-hosts several podcasts, which you can check out at and on Facebook @Arcade1981.

Given his proximity to our recording studio and love for all things Geek, we expect Ray will be joining us for future episodes. Believe it or not, we already recorded three other episodes with him that will be released over the next week or so. Please, give Ray a warm Geek welcome!

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