Netflix Originals for the Halloween Season

The Geeks are embracing the Halloween spirit (yes, already). Starting with our podcast episode from September 18th, we will be focusing heavily on content related to the Halloween horror season. That means 6+ weeks of spooks, gore, jumps and sinister characters are coming at you!

To set things off, we're going to cover the wealth of Netflix contributions this year. They are putting forth a really surprising amount of content. Believe it or not, Netflix has 15 horror-related movies and shows being released between September 15th and October 25th - part of an annual campaign they refer to as "Netflix and Chills." Incidentally, there's a temporary section in the app using that moniker that will give you direct access to all this content as it's released. Not all of it are intended for adults, either - there are a handful of child-friendly titles on the list, so your whole family can partake in the fun.

While the focus of this post are the Netflix-branded titles, those releases will be interspersed with a number of other titles, as well. Among these are: American Horror Story: Apocalypse (Sep. 24th), Along Came a Spider (Oct. 1st), Scream 2 (Oct. 1st), Sinister Circle (Oct. 1st) and Eli (Oct. 18th). So, if you're into horror, creepy thrillers or horror-comedy crossovers, Netflix probably has you pretty well covered for the next month and a half.

Marianne (September 13th)

This eight episode series, created and directed by Samuel Bodin (Batman: Ashes to Ashes short, Lazy Company), follows a young writer named Emma who realizes that the characters in her novels actually exist in the real world. This series is a French language film, but English subtitles and audio are available if you prefer. Early reviews suggest it's one of the creepiest streaming originals to date (and that's saying quite a bit).

The Last Kids on Earth (September 17th)

A kid-friendly, animated, horror-comedy series, The Last Kids on Earth follows a 13-year-old Jack Sullivan and his friends who must battle zombies and other creatures in the aftermath of a monster apocalypse. It’s a hilarious adventure filled with crazy gadgets and a lifetime supply of action.

Glitch - Season 3 (September 25th)

An ABC/Netflix collaboration, this Australian TV show follows six people that mysteriously return from the dead as they attempt to figure out what happened. This will be the third and final season of the show. And Netflix claims " The entire universe will be torn apart."

In the Shadow of the Moon (September 25th)

In 1988 Philadelphia, a police officer hungry to become a detective begins tracking a serial killer who mysteriously resurfaces every nine years. But when the killer's crimes begin to defy all scientific explanation, the officers obsession with finding the truth threatens to destroy his career, his family and his sanity. Starring Boyd Holbrook (Pierce in Logan), Michael C. Hall (Dexter) and Cleopatra Coleman (The Last Man on Earth), Netflix touts this film is a genre-blending psychological thriller that examines the power of time, and how its passing can either bring us together or tear us apart.

In the Tall Grass (October 4th)

This adaption, written and directed by Vincenzo Natali (Cube, Hannibal), is based on the novella by Stephen King and his son, Joe Hill. The story follows two siblings that venture into a field of tall grass to rescue a young boy they hear crying out. But they become ensnared themselves by a sinister force that quickly disorients and separates them. Cut off from the world and unable to escape the field’s tightening grip, they soon discover that the only thing worse than getting lost is being found.

Creeped Out - Season 2 (October 4th)

This kid-friendly (recommended 8+) British-Canadian anthology horror TV series is a Netflix collaboration with CBCC (UK) and Family Channel (Canada) that also airs on broadcast TV. The series tells a different creepy tale in each episode - something like Black Mirror but with more child-friendly story arcs and some sort of positive moral message at the end.

Super Monsters - Season 2 & Super Monsters: Vida's First Halloween (October 4th)

Yet another kid-friendly, British-Canadian animated title. This one is about preschool kids whose parents are famous monsters, trying to get themselves ready for kindergarten by practicing their skills and honing their powers. As you might expect, it is geared toward a much younger audience than the other titles mentioned. The series will have a "linear debut" on the Discovery Family channel on October 19th.

The Spooky Tale of Captain Underpants Hack-a-wee (October 8th)

The last of the kid-friendly titles, this is a Halloween special based on the book series by Dav Pikey. When mean Principal Krupp and evil boy-genius Melvin make Halloween illegal and institute "Hall-no-Ween," George and Harold team up with their friends to hack their favorite holiday, creating "Hack-a-ween." The altered holiday is a huge hit, so when Krupp and Melvin make even more trouble, the kids realize that in order to really save Halloween they will have to negotiate with the enemy.

Fractured (October 11th)

Starring Sam Worthington (Avatar, Clash of the Titans, The Titan) and Lily Rabe (American Horror Story), this psychological thriller is about a man conducting a frantic search for his wife and injured daughter after they mysteriously disappear from the hospital emergency room.

Fractured | Netflix

Haunted - Season 2 (October 11th)