The Mandalorian Chapter 2 - Easter Eggs, Fan Nods and Throwbacks

Jon Favreau and his team have done an amazing job engaging Star Wars fans of all generations by inserting a mind-blowing number of Easter eggs, fan nods and throwbacks into each and every episode of The Mandalorian. As a service to Star Wars fans everywhere, we're attempting to identify and catalog all the references in each episode. If you think we've missed something, let us know in the comments or on social media. We'll be happy to add it to the list after verification and credit you for the submission.

We'd like to extend a special thanks to Wayne Ward on our Facebook page for suggesting 'Yodalorian' as an alternative to the apparently divisive 'Baby Yoda' terminology. Wayne tells us his daughter, Saphyre, actually came up with the term. We've played with other names like 'The Being' and 'The Child' previously, but nothing slipped off the tongue quite as easily as their suggestion.

When you're done browsing through all the glorious references in this episode, have a listen to our podcast review of the The Mandalorian: Chapter 2.

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[*** This list may contain episode 2 spoilers ***]

Chapter 2 - "The Child"

[02:47] A Focused Shot Before the Quick Draw

This isn't so much an Easter egg as it is a nod to the earlier works that influenced films of the Star Wars franchise, and perhaps even more so, The Mandalorian itself. George Lucas took a lot of pointers from Sergio Leone, the so-called Godfather of the Spaghetti Western. For those that are unfamiliar with this genre from the 1960's, it was something of a spin-off from earlier American Westerns, with darker undertones and more moral ambiguity in its character portrayals.

[02:49] The Trandoshan Species and The Slaver Blade

We saw Trandoshans in the previous episode, so hop back to that article for more detail on the species. But these particular Trandoshans that attack Mando are wielding slaver blades. As far as we are aware, these weapons have never been seen in any previous film or series. They made their first appearance in a 2005 video gamed titled Star Wars: Republic Commando. The name and description of the weapon comes from the game's official guidebook. It's a relatively common Trandoshan weapon that was frequently used by slavers when hunting down Wookiees.

[4:40] An Attempted Force Heal

While Mando is cauterizing a wound at camp that evening, the Being approaches him and appears to attempt a force heal. The force heal and its derivations have been seen in countless Star Wars video games and a number of Legends titles as well. It was even shown once in The Clone Wars animated series. But this is the first (almost) appearance in a live-action film or series. We can't be 100% sure that's what the Being was going to do, because Mando picks him up and puts him back in the hovering bassinet before he can finish. But if Mando knew then what he find outs later in this episode, he might have let the little Yodalorian continue.

[5:46] A Sandcrawler (and more Jawas)

We covered Jawas in our Chapter 1 list so head back there for a look, if you like. Although we do get to see something new in this scene - how Jawas organize in combat. They can certainly put up a fight in spite of their diminutive stature, and the Mando ends up bested by these little beasts.

This scene also offers up our first sight of a Sandcrawler in this series. Sandcrawlers are large, mobile fortresses that the Jawas used for protection and storage while scavenging about the desert. Seeing one of these behemoths almost had us convinced that Mando was on Tatooine. However, the Star Wars Databank says this is a new desert planet called Arvala-7. Sandcrawlers made their first appearance in A New Hope, and have subsequently appeared in The Phanton Menace, as well as a number of comics and video games.