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Will IG-11 Return in The Mandalorian?

[*** Warning this post contains spoilers for Chapter 1 of the Mandalorian on Disney+ ***]

The Geeks recently ran a poll on our Facebook page, inquiring if fans of the show thought IG-11 would return to The Mandalorian at some point. The results were fairly split as of this writing, with only a slight majority saying no.

If you've watched Chapter 1, you will recall that the Mandalorian puts a hole in IG-11's head right at the end of the episode. Given all the hype and promotional material surrounding this character in the lead up to the show's release, it never felt like a very satisfying ending to us. And we were really hoping that wasn't the end for this quirky bounty hunter droid.

But thanks to a tip from one of our page followers, we have pretty strong evidence to suggest that he will be back - most likely during the current season. The glaring question is in what capacity: friend or foe to our titular hero? Aside from the aforementioned promotional hype, the first bit of evidence comes from a brief interview Taika Waititi did with Variety at the D23 Expo. At around the 0:40 mark, he suggests that the droid he voices has "an amazing arc throughout the series." You can check out that interview below.

The second bit of evidence comes by way of the 15-second teaser trailer that The Mandalorian Twitter account released a couple days prior to the show's launch on Disney+. At around the 0:10 mark, we see Gina Carano's character speaking to a droid that looks just like IG-11. The response the droid gives is a line we never heard IG-11 speak in Chapter 1. You can watch the teaser in the tweet below.

So what do you think Mandalorian fans? Is there enough evidence there to cement the idea that IG-11 will return during Season 1 of The Mandalorian? And if so, do you think will he return as friend or foe? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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